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One in four of us will experience mental health issues at some point. “Good work” and the right help makes all the difference in getting back on track – and that’s what Phoenix Enterprises are all about.

As well as providing work experience and computer facilities where people are supported in applying for jobs, they also help with officialdom (council, landlords, etc.), organise events such a dentist to come in to advise on oral hygiene, trips to the seaside, pre-work breakfast club and generally foster a social environment where lasting friendships are made.

Adults experiencing mental health issues may be or feel vulnerable and Phoenix Enterprises aim to support them on their journey to a better life.

The Phoenix team offer companies a mailing and packaging service, and we are so happy they agreed to pack our seeds for us! The sense of enjoyment and personal fulfilment among the men and women filling out sachets with seeds is great – they take pride in their work and rebuild their own personal pride and self-confidence at the same time.

All income Phoenix make is used for the benefit of their Service Users. For example, there is breakfast club for their users before they get down to work, trips to the seaside and computer facilities allow support for people applying for jobs, learning basic maths and English.

As business has grown, we needed to outsource our seed packing – or use machinery. The machinery option was not viable for us as the seeds would be packed in foil and plastic – an absolute no-go for us. Think of the millions of little plastic sachets that would be produced and filling landfill – and that is just from us, let alone the major seed companies. So paper was the way to go – but that has to be done by hand, which is where Phoenix come in!

We are pleased to support this charity and the good work they do for people with mental health issues.

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