Make Your Own Pretty Confetti Boxes

Make your own pretty confetti boxes

These confetti boxes are such a pretty and unusual confetti idea!  They are small rigid recycled boxes filled with natural petal confetti of your choice and tied with ribbon.  Present them in a rustic basket and your guests will love to pick one up, open it and throw the confetti over you both.  This box of confetti cost about 70p to make.  Of course, you will be able to save money by buying a less rigid, or not recycled box and making your own petal confetti (see our blog about how to do this!)

You will need:

Thick, rigid cardboard box – we have used a recycled box, measuring about 6 cm square

Ribbon (enough to tie round the box in a bow)

Natural petal confetti to fill the box

Some scrap paper to print on the words

Glue to stick the label on to the box

What you need to make your own confetti boxes


Fill your box to the brim with the natural petal confetti:

Confetti boxes                             Natural confetti in box

Print off your label to stick on the box – we have printed onto tree-free lokta paper:

Pretty confetti box

Ribbon spoolBox of confetti

Tie your ribbon round, and, voila!  A pretty box of natural confetti!

Make your own pretty confetti boxes

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