Ideas for Wedding Favours That Your Guests Will Enjoy for Years

Ideas for Wedding Favours

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Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. You have put an enormous amount of thought, time and effort into planning it and you want everything to be just perfect. And of course you also want it to be a memorable day for your guests, right down to the keepsakes that they will take away and treasure for weeks, months or even years to come.  Wildflower Favours has a great selection of ideas for wedding favours.

The tradition of giving a token to every guest as a memento of the marriage of the happy couple is a very old one. Sugared almonds were introduced as a wedding favour as early as the 13th century and traditionally five of these sweet and bitter treats were given to each guest to represent the bitter sweetness of marriage, as well as to symbolise health, wealth, fertility, longevity, and happiness.

Eight centuries on, sugared almonds are still a popular wedding favour along with more contemporary gifts such as CDs of the bride and groom’s favourite music, personalised shot glasses full of sweets or scented candles. But maybe you are looking for something a bit more original that makes more of a positive impact on the environment and will bring enjoyment to your guests for years to come.

If so, Wildflower Favours has a huge selection of eco-friendly wedding favours and stationery. Our unique favours and wedding stationery ideas are created from recycled seed packets and plantable recycled seed papers. We are the perfect place for you to find some fab eco-chic products – and help the environment on your big day!

Here are some creative and unique ideas for wedding favours that your guests will enjoy for years to come.

Wildflower Seed Packets

ideas for wedding favours action chilli seed packetOur recycled wildflower seed packets are not only totally eco-friendly, but they look gorgeous too. Moreover, your guests can plant the seeds inside which will flower annually as a gloriously colourful addition to their gardens as well as a memory of your wedding celebrations. The wildflowers that your guests have grown will be helping our indigenous nectar-loving insects and bugs as well.

Did you know that the number of beetles, butterflies, bees and wasps in the UK has fallen by up to 60 per cent in recent years? The fall is thought to be linked to the loss of the insects’ natural habitats and climate change. And experts fear this could have an effect on larger ecosystems as these bugs play an important role in pollinating plants and crops. So they need all the help they can get and planting our wildflower seeds is one way to make a difference!

We only use British-grown wildflower seeds in our recycled seed packet wedding favours – all are fantastic for attracting butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects. It will also give you a nice fuzzy, warm feeling inside to know that you are doing your little bit to help the environment on your wedding day!

Personalised Design

We have a large selection of wildflower seed packets for you to choose from, including ones personalised with your wedding details which can also be used as place settings by having your guests’ names printed on them. Or you can create your own seed packet designs with the help of our in-house design team. As many of your guests will be taking their own photographs of your wedding, why not encourage them to send these to you by having your Instagram hashtag printed on the packets too?

Seed Paper Wedding Favours

Blossom and script heart confetti sprinkles
Blossom and script heart confetti sprinkles

Other eco-friendly ideas for wedding favours include our gorgeous range of seed papers. These are plantable and scattered with a vibrant mix of wildflower seeds such as the aptly named Forget-Me-Not, the prolifically self-seeding Poppy and the rarely-seen-in-the-wild Cornflower, to name but three.

All these wildflowers attract bugs, bees and butterflies thereby helping to regenerate and sustain our fragile eco-system. As well as our sumptuous looking A6-sized ivory seed paper on which we can print your wedding details, we also have a range of hearts cut out from white and naturally coloured seed papers, as well as our adorable 3D heart that your guests can assemble to enjoy as a visual memory both before and after planting.

Boxes, Bags (and Confetti!)

ideas for wedding favours seed paper boxIf you have other ideas for your gifts, you can always enclose them in our beautiful boxes or exquisite bags. Your guests will love that all the packaging is recycled and recyclable.

Our plantable boxes have seeds embedded in recycled cardboard. Seeds include Spurred Snapdragon, Poppy, Daisy, Sweet Alyssum and Black-eyed Susan. They are perfect for putting a few little treats in for your wedding guests and you could even keep the seed theme going and put a little sachet of seeds inside. As the card is white, you can decorate the boxes however you wish.

We also love our hessian vintage favour bags. Inside each bag are 5 seed balls and planting instructions printed on recycled paper with random petals here and there. The instructions also include the names of the bride and groom. Each pale coffee-coloured bag is printed with brown daisy flowers and measures 8 x 10 cm with a drawstring top. Hessian doesn’t add any environmental damage as it will gradually decompose over time – but we are sure your guests will keep these little bags and reuse them again as gift bags!

What are seed balls, I hear you ask? Each British-made seed ball contains a mini ecosystem: wildflower seeds or wild Forget-me-not seeds (depending on what we have in stock when you order) mixed with clay, peat-free compost and some chilli powder to keep bugs at bay, rolled into small balls ready for planting.

ideas for wedding favours sunflower confettiOur gorgeous organza bags are perfect for filling with our biodegradable or natural dried petal confetti. Arrange in a bowl or hang up for your guests to take as they leave the wedding ceremony. They will want to hang on to them long after your wedding.

There are plenty more ideas for wedding favours and stationery on our website. Take some time to take a good look at all our wedding favours, invitations and stationery, wedding decorations, chalkboard items and confetti.

By the way, do you know where the word “confetti” comes from? The word originates in the early 19th century, and originally described the sweets thrown during Italian carnivals. And the practice of throwing confetti actually originated much earlier in ancient Rome when the Romans used confetti to celebrate births and marriage unions.

Today, brides and grooms are looking for more environmentally friendly ideas for wedding favours, and biodegradable rice paper or colourful natural petal confetti in pink, red and blue is a much more considerate option than bombarding the bride and groom with sugared almonds!

Do give us a call on 01227 733487 or Email Us. We’ll be happy to help you in the search for perfect ideas for wedding favours.



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