How to Plant our Eco-friendly Seeded Papers

seed paper
Ox-eye Daisy seed paper

Our seed papers are all very easy to plant!  We have grown them all so we know they will germinate if looked after properly – the main thing is to keep the paper wet. Let it dry out and success is severely reduced!

  1.    Get yourself a sowing tray or pot and fill with compost – preferably peat-free!
  2.    Place the seed paper on top and cover with a light layer of compost (the paper can be torn into smaller pieces if necessary)
  3.    Water really well
  4.    Place the pot somewhere warm and light to germinate
  5.    Keep the paper moist at all times – important!
  6.    Once the seedlings are well established you can then transfer the whole lot to a bigger pot and grow on.  Or you can individually remove each seedling and grow on in lots of small pots.
  7.     When big enough – plant out in the garden or plant into a big patio pot or trouugh and enjoy the flowers!
Seed paper sowing instructions
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We don’t recommend planting directly into garden soil – do that and you will be providing a bit of a feast for slugs, snails and mice, who will love the seeds and seedlings!

Ox-eye Daisy seed paper germinating
Ox-eye daisy seed paper germinating

Most of our seed paper is made for us, and we also supply the seeds. All the papers we supply have been tested by us to make sure they germinate. You won’t get 100% germination and we can’t guarantee how many seeds will germinate.

Meadow seed paper germinating
Meadow seed paper germinating
Plantable flower seed paper germinating
Mixed flower seed paper germinating
Seed paper flowering
Seed paper flowering
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