Forget-me-nots Wedding Favours


Forget-me-nots wedding favours and wedding stationery – how pretty!  Forget-me-nots are very pretty little blue flowers with yellow centres.  They flower in spring and self-seed prolifically once flowering is over – which is great as you are guaranteed a shimmering blue display every year from these new seeds!  They like a sunny spot and germinate easily when grown from seed.

Forget-me-not seeds are perfect for inclusion Save the Date notifications, wedding invitations and Forget-me-nots wedding favours purely because of their name and the implication that you won’t forget the date or wedding day when you see these flowering!

A little bit of history of the flower – the plant has been in in this country since the 1300s when Henry IV took it as his emblem. Forget-me-nots are also known as Scorpion Grass, because, according to the herbalist Gerard, the flowerheads were though to resemble a scorpion’s tail (can’t see it myself, though!) and so was believed to cure the sting of a scorpion, and snake or dog bites.  This all derives from the belief hundreds of years ago that any resemblance a plant could be construed to have to parts of the body, for example, meant that it was good for curing ailments of that particular part.

The plant’s Latin name – myosotis arvensis – derives from the Latin for mouse ear – the leaves were thought to resemble the ears of a mouse!

A bit of quaint folklore tells of a night and his love walking alongside a river.  He was picking Forget-me-nots for her but tripped and fell in the river.  Before he drowned he threw the flowers to her and cried “Forget-me-not!”

Christian legend tells of Adam naming the plants and missing out Forget-me-not, who asked what she was called.  He replied, “You shall be my Forget-me-not”.  The plant is one of the Medieval key flowers to secret caves where treasure lay – press the flower against the hill, mountainside, whatever, and the walls will open.  Blacksmiths kept a bunch in their forge to protect horses from injury.  It was also thought that if steel was tempered with Forget-me-not juice it would be able to cut stone.

Incorporating Forget-me-nots in Your Wedding Day

1)    Send out your Save the Dates with a plantable butterfly attached which is embedded with Forget-me-not seeds.  Tell your guests to plant it to remember your wedding date!

Forget-me-not seed paper butterflies
Forget-me-not seed paper butterflies

Or send out recycled seed packet Save the Dates containing Forget-me-not seeds.  We have absolutely loads of unique recycled seed packet designs to chose from!

Save the date recycled seed packet
Save the date recycled seed packet

2)    Create your invites using plantable Forget-me-not seed paper.   Or print them on flower seed paper and add pressed Forget-me-not flowers to decorate.

White Forget-me-not seed paper
White Forget-me-not Seed Paper

3)    Scatter little blue Forget-me-not flowers on your wedding tables.  These have Forget-me-not seeds in them so your guests can pocket a few and grow them at home!

Forget-me-not seed paper flowers
Forget-me-not seed paper flowers

4)    If you are having a spring wedding, decorate your venue with sprays of Forget-me-not flowers.

5)    Forget-me-nots wedding favours – give your guests packets of seeds containing Forget-me-not seeds!  Most of our seed packets can be adapted to include Forget-me-not seeds.

6)   Finally, how about taking it one step further and having a blue wedding dress to match the flowers?  Or dress your bridesmaids in Forget-me-not blue dresses?

Forget-me-nots are also on the Royal Horticultural Society’s list of plants for pollinating insects, so you are also helping our butterflies and bees by involving Forget-me-nots in your wedding plans!

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