Easypeasy Make Your Own DIY Bunting

This make your own DIY bunting is so cheap and easy to make – not cutting out of triangles, no sewing and ready in a fraction of the time to make banner bunting!

All you need is:

String (or ribbon)

Lots of colourful ribbon


The first thing to do is cut your string to the length you want the bunting to finally be, plus a bit extra for tying it onto wherever it is going.  Then get your lovely colourful ribbon spools and start cutting up lengths of ribbon.  Up to you how long you want your ribbons to finally be but once you have decided on a length, don’t forget to double it up and then cut.  We used lengths of around 12 inches.

Once you have cut lots and lots of ribbon lengths, you then simply tie them on to your string, spacing them apart according to your own final bunting vision!








And there you have it, an easy but very effective string of ribbon bunting!










Written by Teresa Sinclair

Wildflower Favours

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