Areca Biodegradable Plates and Bowls for your Wedding

Areca biodegradable plates and bowls

Biodegradable plates and bowls are perfect for an eco-friendly wedding.  When we came across these Areca biodegradable plates and bowls, we felt duty-bound to let you know about them!

Many weddings and parties will use disposable plastic products – not a good choice. Conventional plastic products are made from oil and chemicals and it takes 100’s of years to decompose whereas Areca biodegradable plates and bowls are made from the Areca palm tree (areca catechu) – and no tree is cut down as only the falling leaves or sheaths are used for the production.  Plastic products can take up to 100’s years to “degrade” naturally. Poisonous toxins and particles released over time pollute our rivers and harm wildlife and the landfill sites they go into scar our once beautiful landscape.  Even paper plates are not a great alternative as, when finished with and covered with food remains, they cannot be recycled.   Products made from natural plant materials like Areca, Bamboo, Jute and others use up to 70% less CO2 to produce than conventional plastic.

Areca biodegradable plates and bowls

How are biodegradable plates and bowls made?

The leaves of the Areca palm tree are picked up from the ground, soaked in hot water and compressed to form a plate between two hot casts. When the plate cools down it will harden to a form which can endure tough use – a natural process which has little impact on the environment.  The finished plate or bowl has wood-like qualities and can resist heat.  They also look fab and fit in with a natural wedding theme.  After use, the plates can be composted where they will biodegrade in around 2 – 3 months.

The safety of the food contact material has been verified in several studies conducted by VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland).

Areca biodegradable plates and bowls


Biodegradable plate and bowl sizes

– 10 inch round plates ( 5 and 25 pack)
– 10 inch square plates ( 5 and 25 pack)
– 12 x 7 inch oval plates ( 5 and 25 pack)
– 7 inch round plates ( 5 and 25 pack)
– 6.5 inch round bowl ( 5 and 25 pack)
– 10 inch heart-shaped bowl ( 5 and 25 pack)

More information on these products can be found by contacting Deborah Devapriam

Contact number: 07515456704

Areca Palm Plates on Facebook


They also have eco-friendly Jute and Bamboo products coming soon.

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