Autumn Colour Inspiration

We love Autumn here at Wildflower Towers, with all its beautiful autumn colour inspiration, fab sunsets and sunrises and just that particular early morning smell that only Autumn has!  The orange, red, yellow, brown and green hues of the trees make for amazing views and transform the grass with their leaves.  These colours look amazing when incorporated into wedding decor for an autumn or winter wedding.  This post draws together photos I have taken of my Autumn garden and the beautiful countryside around where we live.  And at the bottom of this post are a few of our Autumn products that might take your fancy!  Take a look and be inspired!

Autumn berries

Autumn apples

Wild Carrot seedhead
Seedhead of Wild Carrot
Wild Clematis seedheads
Wild Clematis seedheads

Simply autumn leaves

We have two climbing roses across the front of the house – this fallen petal presented a great photo opportunity!

Fallen rose petal

Spindle tree berries
Spindle tree berries

I absolutely love the woods during Autumn – such mystical places, further enhanced by the mushrooms and moss that are evident in Autumn!

Fly agaric mushroom
Fly agaric mushroom


Even the dogs love their walks in the woods!jojotinkswods

There are still a good number of flowers blooming in autumn …

Dew on Viper's Bugloss
Dew on Viper’s Bugloss
Autumn Cyclamen
Autumn Cyclamen

We have many trees in our garden and, as you can imagine, they look fantastic in Autumn!

Autumn trees in our garden


And, of course, you get amazing cobwebs early in the morning, laden with dew:

Cobweb and dew

Want to replicate a bit of Autumn indoors or at your wedding?  Gather your own leaves or use our tree-free lokta paper ones below, including large maple leaves – eco-friendly leaves!

Lokta paper leaves

Lokta paper maple leaves

Lokta paper confetti cones
Lokta paper confetti cones and crushed leaves

So what do you prefer – Autumn or Summer?




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