Eco-friendly Wedding Favour Ideas, Wedding Stationery and Wedding Accessories


We love wildflowers and weddings! And we are so happy we can combine the two! Our unique, eco-friendly wedding favour ideas and wedding stationery are created from recycled seed packets and plantable/recycled seed papers, some made especially for us so you won’t find them elsewhere! The wildflower seeds in our recycled seed packet wedding favours are British-grown wildflower seeds and are great for our native bees and butterflies.  Our seed packets and most of our plantable seed papers are made in the UK. Our unusual wedding favours are perfect for any wedding theme and, we think, absolutely essential for an eco-friendly wedding!

We can also design your own unique-to-you seed packet wedding favours and wedding stationery as we now have an in-house designer, wahoo!

We also supply lovely decorative items and other accessories to prettify your wedding venue, and lots of lovely miscellaneous bits and pieces to help you make your own DIY eco-friendly wedding stationery and favours.

Eco Business Ethos – Wildflower Wedding Favours

We want to spread the word about wildflowers and how important they are to biodiversity.  Some insects rely on only one species of wildflower, for example, and once that wildflower becomes extinct or severely endangered, then so does the life of that insect species.  Growing wildflowers in your garden is a small but important step in helping our native wildlife.  After all, every little helps!  Weddings are a great way to spread the word as so many people are reached – and we hope that once people have grown the wildflower seeds you give them they will want to grow more!

It is also important that British wildflower species are grown from our wildflower mixes – growing American wildflowers, for example, is not going to maintain the natural biodiversity of the British countryside and cater for the British butterflies, bees etc.  Our wildflower mixes only contain the seeds of British wildflower species and they are grown in the UK too.  I used to have a wildflower nursery and learnt so much about our native wildflowers and the creatures that depend on them.

We are not all about weddings (although, of course, the wedding is very important!) – there are plenty of other wedding websites for that.  Here at Wildflower Favours there is a lot of emphasis too on nature and you will find that our blogs won’t just be about weddings but about wildflowers, bees, butterflies etc – so you might find you learn something new and a bit interesting – a bit like QI on the telly!  Most of our products can also be adapted for events other than weddings – just give us the appropriate text when you order.

Connected to our concern for the flora and fauna of our beautiful planet, we also support similar-minded charities and have a wide selection of seed packet wedding favours from which a donation will be made to the charity you choose.  One of the charities we have partnered with – Bumblebee Conservation Trust – we also work practically with them too and have been involved in the Shorthaired Bumblebee Reinstroduction Project and gone on the odd bee count or two!

As business has grown we have had to take on helpers and we now all work really hard to make lovely wedding favours, create new wedding favour ideas and other lovely stuff for our lovely customers! The eco-friendly ethos of the business is the heart of everything we do.  Please see our plastic and packaging policies. Our papers are recycled (any seed paper offcuts are composted!), and we recycle any packaging we receive, so even though your order might arrive in a box that has been re-used, your order will still be beautifully presented inside! Our packaging tape is paper and not horrible shiny plastic stuff.  The seed sachets inside the packets are made from paper, and the glue used to seal seed packets is plant-based and non-toxic. In the office, we reuse ALL printer paper – so old documents or printoffs will be used again on the reverse or made into notepads, for example.

Team Wildflower!

Teresa (business owner), Vicky and Becky.  Vicy and Becky are social media whizz kids too!  Vicky is also one of our designers.

We are all lovers of going out for scrumptious vegan food!  And also dog crazy!





Sue and John – great seed packers and quite quick at it now!







Ben, our talented designer who can design your seed packets, invites, anything you like!










Tyler and Rupert (very naughty).




Scamp (who really does live up to his name!)







Our wedding favours regularly feature in wedding and other magazines and it is always a thrill to see our products on their pages!  We have also been mentioned in many blogs and have won three awards and been nominated for another.  We may enter award competitions again in the future so we hope to add more to our list!  Our designs can be adapted for other events too – such as parties, business promotional events, funerals, charities and other events.  Just let us know when you order.

I am so happy I can combine the things I feel passionate about with a fabulous job that I love and the great people I work with!  Customer service is also a big part of the business so please feel free to chat with us via the Livechat link,  social media or call us with any queries – we’d love to hear from you!  We would also love to receive photos of what you do with our favours and so on, particularly photos of the resulting flowers!

So, put your feet up and have a good old nose around our website and feel free to contact us with any queries – we are a friendly bunch!

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