9 Sunflower Wedding Ideas

9 sunflower wedding ideas

Sunflower wedding ideas – as soon as you say the word “Sunflower” it conjures up sunshine and happiness!  Sunflowers are bright, pretty, in-your-face flowers.  They are symbolic of adoration, so perfect for weddings!  They get their name from not only looking like suns but because they turn their face towards the sun and track it as it passes through the sky.  Sunflowers are also fantastic nectar plants for bees.

Bees on sunflower
Bees on sunflower

Grow your own Sunflowers – sunflower wedding ideas No 1

Sunflowers are so easy to grow, why not take the plunge and grow your own? They won’t take up much time to nurture and will be much cheaper than buying them ready-grown from a florist.  Sunflower seeds are very cheap to buy as small seed packets, or, if you feed the birds in your garden, take some of the sunflower seeds from the bird food.

Sunflower seeds

1)     In spring (say, April time) gather together some small empty plant pots and fill each with compost (preferably peat-free!)

2)    Poke a Sunflower seed into each pot of compost and cover the compost over the seed.

3)    Water.

4)    Place on a warm, sunny windowsill to germinate.

5)    Germination is quick, as is seedling growth.  Once the plant is getting too big for its pot, it is then time to transfer outside into a sunny spot in the garden.  Dig a hole bigger than the pot, remove the sunflower and compost from the pot by turning the pot upside down and easing out, and place the plant in the hole.  Backfill with soil, press in and water.

6)    Keep watered as required.

7)    Once they are huge and blooming, cut the stems for your wedding decorations!  If you decide to keep them in the garden, once flowering is over leave the flowerheads on for the birds to peck at the seeds over Autumn and Winter.

Sunflower patch

Sunflower Wedding Invitations – Sunflower wedding ideas No 2

Completely immerse yourself in your Sunflower wedding them by writing out your wedding invitations on Sunflower seed paper!  Wildflower Favours supplies this amazing plantable paper which is embedded with miniature Sunflower seeds.  It can’t be printed on as the seeds are too big to go through printers, but can be handwritten on.

Sunflower seed paper sunflower wedding ideas

Sunflower Wedding Cake – Sunflower wedding ideas No 3

Your wedding cake lends itself marvellously to having a Sunflower theme!  Find yourself a good cake artist to create you some fabulous sunflowers for your cake, or you could even cut real Sunflowers and display them around and on the cake.

Sunflower wedding cake sunflower wedding ideas


Sunflower Wedding Bouquet – Sunflower wedding ideas No 4

Incorporate Sunflowers into your home-grown bouquet, or ask your florist to arrange the bouquet theme around them.

Sunflower bouquet sunflower wedding ideas


Sunflower Wedding Decorations – Sunflower wedding Ideas No 5

Be inventive!  Put Sunflowers wherever you can think of – table centrepieces, dotted around the venue in vases, if an outdoor wedding – watering cans and urns full of sunflowers etc.

Sunflower wedding table sunflower wedding ideas

Sunflower Wedding Dresses – Sunflower wedding ideas No 6

Lots of yellow and lots of Sunflower bouquets!

Sunflower Wedding Dress sunflower wedding ideas

Sunflower Wedding Confetti – Sunflower wedding ideas No 7

Sunflower wedding confetti is biodegradable so there shouldn’t be too much of an issue with the venue if you wish to use it.  If they are not happy to have Sunflower petals everywhere, scatter them on your wedding tables.

Sunflower petal natural confetti sunflower wedding ideas
Sunflower petal natural confetti

Sunflower confetti sunflower wedding ideas

Sunflower Wedding Favours – Sunflower wedding ideas No 8

Wildflower Favours supplies a wide variety of personalised Sunflower wedding favours – recycled seed packets, all sorts of designs and containing Sunflower seeds.  These are personalised with your details.

sunflower seeds wedding favour, sunflower wedding ideas
Sunflower seeds wedding favour


Sunflower Wedding Place Settings – sunflower wedding ideas No 9

Wildflower Favours can also provide personalised recycled seed packet  place settings for your guests – also themed around a Sunflower wedding!

Sunflower wedding seed packet place setting, sunflower wedding ideas

Sunflowers – we love them!

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