5 Great Suppliers of Cruelty-free Make-up for Your Wedding Day

lipsIf you are vegan, vegetarian or just want to go down the cruelty-free make-up route, it can entail a bit of research trying to find suitable products, although there are increasingly more and more such products on the market these days so they are much easier to get hold of than a few years ago. However, we have made this easier for you! Being vegan and vegetarian ourselves, we are used to reading labels and finding out what we can and can’t use!

We have listed below just a few make-up products (you will be surprised how many cruelty-free products there are out there!), with details of whether they are vegan or vegetarain. For those of you who do not know, being vegan means not using or eating ANY animal-derived products; vegetarian means not eating fish or meat. Many cruelty-free cosmetics also have the BUAV seal of approval, so you can be sure they have not been tested on animals (the BUAV campaigns against animal testing) or the Vegan Society seal of approval. Products that are cruelty-free are usually also free from parabens, artificial fragrances and other nasties – so are healthier for you too! We hope you will find this list useful.

1) BM Beauty – parabens-free, BUAV approved. Vegan and vegetarian products. Their eye mineral powders are particularly lush! They have a good FAQ section on their website with lots of useful info.

2) Superdrug’s B range of cosmetics – vegetarian, vegan and has BUAV approval. Also free from parabens. This range includes skincare products and make-up.

3) Barry M cosmetics – all products are vegetarian, some are vegan. This company has a strict non-animal testing policy. All sorts of make up products and nail varnish.

4) Lavera – their products are organic, vegetarian and vegan and contain no nasty chemicals of any kind. Vegan-society certified. They have a wide range of products and even produce vegan self-tanning lotion! This really does work – we use it and love it! So if you fancy a bit of a cruelty-free glow for your wedding, this is perfect!

5) Beauty without Cruelty – 100% vegan products. They are also the only animal-free producer of true red carmine-free lipstick, which just goes to show that using animals in make-up is totally unnecessary as there is always a cruelty-free alternative. (Carmine is derived from boiled cochineal beetles).

So, there you have it – it’s easier than you think to incorporate some cruelty-free products into your wedding preaprations!

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