3D Seed Paper Heart Wedding Favour


3D seed paper heart wedding favour

We are always trying to think of new wedding favour ideas so that we continue to be a bit different from all the other wedding suppliers on the internet.  This 3D seed paper heart wedding favour fits this criteria perfectly!  It is made from a unique red seed paper, handmade from discarded paper, junk mail, cardboard boxes etc.   As coloured scrap paper is also used, there is no need to any colourings to be added.The seeds in the paper are Phlox, Wallflower, Candytuft, Moss Verbena, Scarlet Sage, Lemon Mint, Sweet William and Black-eyed Susan. Purple hydrangea flowers are also scattered here and there in the paper.


3D seed paper heart wedding favour

The heart wedding favour is easy to assemble – simply fold the flaps to ‘pop-up’ the three-dimensional heart, and hang it up to admire (instructions are in the packaging).  Afterwards it can be planted to prettify your patio or balcony!

3D seed paper heart wedding favour

The heart wedding favour is presented in a very nice ribbon-tied pocket. A lovely gift for your wedding guests, bridesmaids, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or for absolutely no occasion at all!  It is also very easy to plant:

Simply place the heart on top of a pot of compost (preferably peat-free!) and water well. Spring and summer are the best times of year to do this so that you can have the flowers on show in your garden in the summer!  Place somewhere warm and light to germinate and keep moist – it is vital to successful germination not to let the paper dry out!  Once you have lots of seedlings, transplant the whole lot into a bigger pot and place on your patio in a sunny spot.  We do not recommend planting the paper directly in the garden as there is the risk of slugs and mice eating the seeds/seedlings.

How to plant seed paper

Your heart wedding favour won’t take long to germinate!


Seed paper heart with seedlings

If you would like to give your wedding guests 3D seed paper heart wedding favours, or to give to anyone as a gift, please visit Wildflower Favours.

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