10 Lovely Wildflowers for A Summer Wedding!

Watering can filled with wildflowers for a summer wedding

A summer wedding just isn’t the same without some wildflowers to decorate the venue, particularly if you are holding an outdoor or country-/festival-themed wedding!  Wildflowers lend themselves perfectly to such a wedding, particularly if placed amongst haybale seating or around the entrance to, eg, a marquee.  They are also a very eco-friendly option as many non-British flowers are imported from other parts of Europe and so incur air miles, adding to the carbon footprint of your wedding.  Why not try growing your own wildflowers for your wedding, sowing them in autumn or spring.

Rustic wedding marquee for a summer wedding

The 10 suggestions below are beautiful wildflowers (well, to our mind, all wildflowers are beautiful – even the ones that people have the urge to pull out because they regard them as weeds!) and perfect for a summer wedding!  Cram them randomly into enamel jugs, vintage vases, old metal watering cans, old milk churns, floral jugs etc.  Don’t arrange them into nice displays – they are are wildflowers and need to look wild and evoke the countryside!  Have them spilling over the edge of their vases in gay abandon!  You will find that bees and butterflies will also visit them whilst in their vases, which is even better!  If you would still like more traditional flowers then just add a few wildflowers to what you already have.

Wildflowers in jars on wedding table

Wildflowers in jars for a summer wedding

Wildflowers decorating wedding venue

Rustic chalkboard table plan and wildflowers

Summer wedding flowers in jars

Adding wildflowers to your bouquet is the perfect finishing touch for a beautiful bouquet.
Wildflower wedding bouquet

gwenda bouquet

So, here we go (in no particular order!):

1)    Viper’s Bugloss – beautiful blue spikes of flowers that bees adore!

Viper's Bugloss
2)   Lesser Knapweed – don’t let the word “weed” put you off!  This is a gorgeous mauve wildflower which is an absolute bee and butterfly magnet!  Looks fabulous teamed with Ox-eye Daisies!

Lesser Knapweed wildflower
3)   Talking of which – Ox-eye Daisy!  These daisies ooze loveliness and making-you-feel-happy-just-looking-at-them-ness!  No summer wedding should be without them!

Ox-eye Daisy

4)    Poppies – these are great for creating a vivid splash of colour.  Best way to display them is to sow them as seeds in April/May in large terracotta or other rustic-looking pots of compost.  Press lightly into the compost – don’t cover with more compost.  Water in and place somewhere bright to germinate.  Come summer they will be in full flower and will look wonderful in their pots!

Wild Poppy

5)    Cornflowers – another gorgeous blue wildflower.  Again, as with the Poppies, sow the seeds in pots in April/May ready for a fab display in summer!


6)   Wild Carrot – beautiful panicles of white flowers, very frothy and floaty-looking!  Great contrast to the darker-coloured wildflowers.

Wild Carrot

7)   Teasel – bit of a spikey wildflower but very pretty.  Great for adding a bit of dramatic effect to the display. Will probably even have a bee or two on it for a finishing touch!  Even looks good in autumn and winter when the flower-heads have lost their tiny lilac flowers.


8)   Field Scabious – pretty pincushion lilac flowers.

Field Scabious

9)   Purple Losestrife – beautiful shocking pink flowers on tall stems will add height to your display.  These grow very tall when in the ground so cut off long spikes for more dramatic effect, or just the tips to add some bright pink to jars or vases!

Purple Loosestrife

10)    Elecampane – this grows huge in the wild!  It’s flowers are reminiscent of sunflowers and, for this reason, they deserve to be in a wildflower display for a big dose of yellow sunshine!


Wildflowers – how can you resist them!

Written by Teresa Sinclair, Wildflower Favours

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